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November 21, 2015
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MP1B Information

  • The Super Antenna MP1 is a Ham Radio HF Portable Antenna that also covers VHF-UHF.
  • For Indoor or Outside field use. Big signal in a small package.
  • MP1B forms the basic core antenna of the various MP1x series Super Antennas. It is a manually tunable antenna. It can form a portable vertical or a mobile whip. Two MP1B units can form a portable rotatable dipole, with a suitable dipole mount.
  • Size: Packs down to 12" (30cm) for portability and extends up to 7ft (2.1m) for operation. Can be used in vertical or horizontal position. DX and NVIS. Easy set up by 1 person in two minutes without tools.
  • Frequency Range: 40m-30m-20m-17m-15m-12m-10m-6m-2m Ham bands.Super Antenna MP1B Retail Packaging HF 7MHz-30MHz continuous all bands shortwave and VHF 30MHz to 170MHz all bands. [3.5~6.9MHz can be added with optional MC60 SuperCoil 60m or MC80 SuperCoil 80m/75 sold separately]
  • Good SWR: below 1.5:1 or better, no analyzer or tuner needed. High Q SuperCoil. SuperSlider manually adjusted for Maximum Efficiency. Telescopic whip with standard 3/8"-24 fittings.
  • Power Rating: 500 Watts SSB (300W CW/Data). Color: Metallic. Weight: 1 pound (0.5kg). This antenna has a 3/8"-24 male fitting at the bottom. Requires a standard 3/8"-24 mount for operation, sold separately.
  • Recommended Super Antenna Mount models: UM1, UM2, UM3, TM1, TM2, or DM2.Super Antenna Also works with most standard ham and CB mounts having standard 3/8"-24 female threads.
  • Antenna Extended Length
  • The MP1B SuperStick antenna element length is 7 feet 0 inches (2.13m) at its longest when extended and tuned to about 7MHz. It is slightly shorter on other frequencies.
  • The total MP1B SuperStick antenna element length is 7 feet 5 inches (2.25m) when used with the optional MC80 SuperCoil for 80 meters and tuned to about 3.5 MHz.
  • Antenna Height When Mounted On TM1 SuperMount Low Profile Tripod
    The TM1 SuperMount Low Profile Tripod height is 7 inches from floor to top of mount.
    The total height of MP1B Antenna on the TM1 Low Profile Tripod is 7 feet 7 inches.
    This combination is designed to fit indoors in a standard 8 feet floor-to-ceiling American home.

    Antenna Height When Mounted On TM2 SuperPod Large Tripod
    The TM2 SuperPod Large Tripod is 5 ft high with its legs extended fully. It is 21 inches high when the legs are compressed.

  • When the MP1B is mounted on a TM2 Large Tripod with its legs extended fully, the tip of the antenna is 12 feet high.
    The TM2 Large Tripod can also be used when the legs are collapsed down to 21 inches, and this total height to the tip of the antenna is 8 feet 9 inches.

MP1B Retail Packaging

1 Super Slider Coil.
1 Telescopic Whip.
2 Extension Rods with Coupling.

  • Super Antenna MP1 Configurations for various frequencies of operation

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Super Antenna MP1 configurations SuperAntenna®
            SuperAntenna Systems Corporation
Source: newsuperantenna.com
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