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July 23, 2017
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1. Obtain ARRL VEC Form 605-C from the ARRL's FCC Amateur Radio Forms page. The club license trustee must complete the form. The trustee and another responsible club official must sign the form in the appropriate places. Using the NCVEC Form 605 also is acceptable, but these instructions refer to the ARRL VEC Form 605-C.

2. Use ARRL VEC Form 605-C to apply for a new or modify an existing CLUB STATION LICENSE or to renew a Club Station License. Vanity Club License Renewals may be submitted through the FCC or CSCSA. Use this form to apply for a new or modify an existing MILITARY RECREATION STATION LICENSE. Military recreation stations are not eligible for a vanity call sign.
PLEASE NOTE: A Club station may not hold more than one valid vanity call sign.

3. Use a typewriter or print clearly in ink.

4. Complete all applicable fields on this form - telephone numbers, fax number and email addresses are optional, but supplying this is information recommended.

5. For modifications and renewals, if available, attach a copy of the current station license. The application must be signed in ink by two different individuals.

6. Section 1 - Application Purpose: Check all boxes that apply.

7. Section 2 - Trustee Information: Fill in the proposed or new trustee's name and call sign information; optionally, include telephone, fax and email information.
PLEASE NOTE: An amateur can only be the trustee of one valid club station. A trustee may continue to serve the clubs that they are currently trustee of but may not be designated the trustee of any additional clubs after February 13, 2011.
8. Section 3 - Club Information: Fill in the name of the club, club station call sign (unless the application is for a new license) and the US Mail address to which the license will be mailed; optionally, include telephone, fax and e-mail information. If the club has already been issued a Federal Registration Number (FRN) in the CORES program, include FRN in the space provided. If the club has been issued an EIN (Employer Identification Number) by the Internal Revenue Service, enter that number in the space provided. If the club has not been issued either an FRN or an EIN, leave this space blank. DO NOT enter a personal Social Security Number, ATIN or FCC License ID number.

9. Section 4 - Certification: The applicant and responsible party should read the certification (including the RADIOFREQUENCY (RF) RADIATION SAFETY certification) before signing the application document.

Club Station Licenses
This section must be signed by the club license trustee and by another
responsible club official. The trustee must hold a valid FCC issued
amateur license of any class. The responsible club official must be
an officer of the club. He or she MUST NOT be the same person as the
club license trustee. Only the trustee or an officer of the club may mail

How to search for your ham radio callsign on the FCC website
How to search for your ham radio callsign on the FCC website
21201kHz,Ham Radio,RA22AR(Special Olympic callsign)
21201kHz,Ham Radio,RA22AR(Special Olympic callsign)
Ham Radio Special Callsign S5300TP (SDR-Radio V2)
Ham Radio Special Callsign S5300TP (SDR-Radio V2)

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