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December 25, 2016
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What is "Ham Radio?"

The ARRL has created a helpful site to introduce new or prospective hams to the history and overview of Amateur Radio. This site answers questions like the following:

  • What is Ham Radio?
  • Who is the typical Ham?
  • What is the appeal of Ham Radio?
  • Why do you need a license?
  • Why do they call themselves "Hams?"
  • What does Ham Radio sound like?

For answers to these questions and more, visit the What is Ham Radio page.

Interested in Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator?

Getting your first Amateur Radio license "ticket" is as simple as passing a 35 question multiple choice exam. Exams are given by volunteer examiners that are licensed Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) themselves at different locations throughout the year. There are several great free resources out on the Internet to help you with passing the test. Some of those links are listed here for convenience. Remember, Morse Code is no longer a requirement, so you need only be able to pass the 35 question Technician license exam to get started.

Exam Dates

The High Point session is on the last Saturday of the month at the American Red Cross High Point Chapter building located at 815 Phillips Avenue, High Point, NC 27262. Please contact Bob Williams, KB4TWG

For either session, you need to bring two forms of ID including a Photo ID and a photocopy of any previous licenses and/or CSCE's. The testing fee is $12.00 payable by cash or check. Other dates and locations can be found on the W4VEC web site.

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NC4FB Study Guide and Practice Tests

NC4FB website study guide will enhance your knowledge for each test. Practice tests are available for Technician, General and Amateur Extra license classes.

QRZ.com Practice Tests

QRZ.com produces a terrific interactive practice test. The questions are the same as what you will actually find on the exam and there are 100 possible practice tests. If you really want to test your knowledge, practice tests are also available for the General and Amateur Extra license classes as well.

Source: w4ua.org
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